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Expanding access to quality generics.
Committed to exceptional service.

Yaral Pharma’s core beliefs are derived from the guiding principles of our parent company, IBSA.

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Levothyroxine sodium capsules
Strength (mcg)Color**Capsule Imprint CodeNDC NumberWAC Price
13 mcgGreenA82347-0005-4$123.69
25 mcgOrangeE82347-0010-4
50 mcgWhiteG82347-0015-4
75 mcgPurpleH82347-0020-4
88 mcgOliveJ82347-0025-4
100 mcgYellowK82347-0030-4
112 mcgRoseM82347-0035-4
125 mcgBrownN82347-0040-4
137 mcgTurquoiseP82347-0045-4
150 mcgBlueS82347-0050-4
175 mcgLilacU82347-0055-4
200 mcgPinkY82347-0060-4
** Shown on box and blister packaging, not on individual capsules. **

YARAL Pharma Inc. is the US subsidiary of IBSA, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland. By focusing on people and innovating the ways they’re cared for, YARAL Pharma is proud to offer the same values and expertise of its parent company to the US market.

Dedicated to ensuring access to affordable authorized generics (AGs) and complex generic medicines that enhance healthcare outcomes, YARAL Pharma offers its customers high-quality products across a range of therapeutic areas, continuity of supply, and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

A patient-centered approach, always remembering to value the person beyond the disease and give full attention to what patients want and need.

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