About Us

YARAL Pharma Inc. is the US generic subsidiary of IBSA Pharma Inc. – a leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland.

IBSA is:

  • Recognized as a world leader in the development of innovative technologies and products that improve the health and wellness of people. 
  • Known for its manufacturing expertise and decades-long track record of product quality and supply continuity.
  • Continually building a wide-ranging portfolio of products across brands and generics in ten core therapeutic areas.  

YARAL Pharma Company Pillars

Our Mission

As the generics division of IBSA Pharma, we are dedicated to ensuring access to affordable authorized generics (AGs) and complex generic medicines that enhance healthcare outcomes.

Our Values & Expertise

By focusing on people and innovating the ways they’re cared for, we are proud to offer the same values and expertise of our parent company to the US market. 

Our Exceptional Customer Care

YARAL offers customers high-quality products, continuity of supply and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Leadership Team

YARAL Pharma is led by a team of experienced industry veterans and supported by the YARAL Pharma Board of Directors which is made up of members of IBSA’s leadership team.

Drawing on the strengths and capabilities of its parent company, YARAL Pharma’s leadership is committed to providing:

  • High-quality products across a range of therapeutics areas
  • Continuity of supply
  • Exceptional levels of customer service

YARAL Pharma Leadership Team

Stephen BeckmanStephen BeckmanChief Executive Officer

Roberto MarreroChief Financial Officer

Steven JordanDirector of Commercial Operations

Joe HodgeJoseph HodgeVice President of Sales

Bill PuniaVice President of
Supply Chain and Logistics

Benjamin M. Platek​Director of Human Resources

YARAL Pharma Board of Directors

  • President & CEO, IBSA Institut Biochimique SA – Arturo Licenziati
  • CEO and Officer, IBSA Pharma Inc. – Nicholas Hart
  • CEO, YARAL Pharma Inc. – Stephen Beckman
  • CFO, IBSA Institut Biochimique SA – Luca Grassi
  • Head of Legal Affairs, IBSA Institut Biochimique SA – Elisabetta Racca
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